View Louis Cattiaux’s artworks on artnet. Learn about the artist and find an in- depth biography, exhibitions, original artworks, the latest news, and sold auction . Louis-Ghislain Cattiaux was born on 17th August in Valenciennes (France). He studied at the École des Arts et Métiers in Paris. He lived for. Louis Cattiaux was born in Valenciennes on 17th August , and departed this world in Paris on 16th July, He was a painter by profession and lived.

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Cattiaux had a passion for Hermetic philosophy: Louis Cattiaux Valenciennes, – Paris,painter, poet, and hermetic philosopher. He might be considered a pure artist as well as a natural philosopher, someone with a richly personal nature who was also endowed with remarkable sense of humor.

One must work a long time on the same work, but without effort, without boredom, without working as it were… Louis Cattiaux books, a donation of Jeanne Lohest-Hooghvorst of Beya Publications, Belgium. With regard to the surrealist painters, Cattiaux wrote:. Even language itself began by visually reprenting archetrypal images into solid visual forms.

Raimon Arola – Powered by nodelabs – info arsgravis. A text written with the intention of deepening, through the artistic language, in the profound mystery that hides itself beyond art.

Louis Cattiaux The Place of the Vision

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Something similar to what the surrealists sought on investigating little-known areas of the human spirit, remote from logic and reason. Raimon Arola – Powered by fattiaux – info arsgravis. Here, he was undoubtedly alluding to the problem expressed by the Sybil to the pious Aeneas, when ccattiaux latter wanted to go down to Hades: Art and Hermetic tradition.


Your email address will not be published. September 12, at Johann Reuchlin and the Kabbalah — ebook. Johann Reuchlin and the Kabbalah — ebook. This site uses cookies: Louis Cattiaux, Maria Paritura, undated.

Physics and metaphysics of painting. He also wrote an essay dedicated to painting: Cathiaux Paritura by Louis Cattiaux, Paris, I have seen some people react with epiphany,enlightening gnostic experiences showing them a piece in my studio although one visitor was so frightened he wished to wait outside for fear the place was haunted. The Midnight Sun presides over the scene, flanked by angels render homage. Cattiaux, like all authentic artists, succeeds in crossing the realm of darkness and the unconscious, where most are stranded, in order to reach the place of the invisible and to show an interior heaven illuminated by some stars such as have never been heard to speak, they who only dispose of louiss exterior senses.

Very few succeeded in distinguishing the spiritual light germinating in the midst of the darkness. A selection of hermetic sentences extracted from The Message Rediscovered: Louis Cattiaux, The Three shadows, undated.

Louis Cattiaux and the Surreal

Thanks to this separation, the visionary is consciously introduced to lohis dominions of Diana, the goddess of Night and of Magic. He lived candidly, with sobriety, with poverty according to the men, joyful and contented as a child and as such, without malice. Everything leads us to believe that there is a certain point of the spirit at which life and death, the real and the imaginary, the past and the future, the communicable and the incommunicable, the high and the low, cease to be perceived in contradictory terms.

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The paintings of Louis Cattiaux certainly have something of the surrealistic about them. The Message Rediscovered is a work of art, of poetry, of philosophy, of alchemy, of Hermeticism, of mysticism, of metaphysics, of religion, of love, of holiness, in which “the truth of God” lodges. Contemporary with the French Vanguards, cattiwux attained to create a personal style in which is evident a visionary substrate underlying.

Art enthusiasts classify my work as surrealism, which for them is a catch-all term for everything they are unable to understand. Physique et metaphisique de la peinture Physics and metaphysics of painting. Louis Cattiaux, The Angel of Death, c.

Louis Cattiaux

This space is devoted to the work of Louis Cattiaux Valenciennes, – Paris,painter, poet, and hermetic philosopher. In the popular tradition, the representation of this dark sun is caattiaux to the Great Goat, who, with his luminous horn illuminates the Witches Sabbath, place of the invisible and a reminiscence of all ancient mysteries.

The witches reached this place by virtue of their secret powers. In the same way, a spiral appears over the sleeper that indicates astral travel or the departure of catttiaux soul in search of the light held by the angel found to the right of the image.