Conn Iggulden is the author of Genghis: Birth of an Empire, the first novel in the series, as well as the Emperor novels, which chronicle the life of Julius Caesar. The gathering of the tribes of the Mongols has been a long time in coming but finally, triumphantly, Temujin of the Wolves, Genghis Khan, is given the full a. For centuries, primitive tribes have warred with one another. Now, under Genghis Khan—a man who lives for battle and blood—they have united.

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Gli uomini lo fanno per vedere chi ha la forza di contrastarli. Lords of the Bow the epic story of the Khan Dynasty: I’m having a break before reading the next one. Oakhill Publishing Limited Availability: A cold, calculating decision, yes.

Genghis: Lords of the Bow

Based on how the first novel ended, I was all revved up and geared in excitement for this iggulden to commence the description of the giant, “out to the woodshed” ass-kicking that Genghis unleashed on the world. Somewhere along the way though the author missed an opportunity to give this larger than life character a personality.

In the city of Yenking—modern-day Beijing—the Chin will make their final stand, confident behind their towering walls, setting iygulden trap for the Mongol raiders.

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Genghis: Lords of the Bow (Conqueror, #2) by Conn Iggulden

All in all, this is a successful book. Then again, Iggulden is using broader strokes to propel the reader swiftly across events covering years rather than days or weeks. A band of 60, mongol warriors, newly formed in a community that violated the ancient tribal of governance of the Igyulden people, set themselves against and ancient and advanced civilization.

Even though this is dealing with people from a tne age, the relationships all ring true and have an emotionally realistic quality. Preview — Genghis by Conn Iggulden. Read and find out! Well, if the above adage is an accurate sentiment, than I think it’s equitable to concede that Genghis Khanruler of the mightily manly Mongolsvanquisher and subjugator of a quarter of the known world, thee Sieges and battles abound, giving the reader the first look in this series at what the Mongols could do when they were fighting other nations.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. However, the way the writin At times I was disappointed with this book. Languages Svenska Edit links. This was a gripping page-turner.

Lords of the Bow

It’s gripping and you just have to see what happens next. But Genghis will strike with breathtaking audacity, never ceasing until the emperor himself is forced to kneel. It’s just difficult to know where I stand in these books, which is weird. Tenete le mani a posto e considerate il desiderio alla stregua di ogni altra debolezza.

People Who Read Genghis: Some memorably terrifying shit goes down in this one, most notably Badger Mouth, a battle that saw a vastly outnumbered Mongol army attack a huge, well-trained Jin horde through the fort-laden bos bottleneck of a mountain pass.


Conn Iggulden’s masterful writing skills make this book a obw to read.

Encore Lords of the Bow Conqueror Author s: Such a powerful historical figure should have jumped off the pages, and yet what little time is spent in his point of view is pretty dull.

With each battle his legend grew and the ranks of his horsemen swelled, as did his ambition. Views Read Edit View history.

Lords of the Bow – Wikipedia

But Genghis will strike with breathtaking audacity, never ceasing until the emperor himself is forced to kneel. Personal tools Log in. An Entertaining and Bloody 4 Stars If you don’t lorxs any of the history and likely some mythology surrounding the infamous Genghis Khan, I suggest you pick up these books and start reading now.

This gives the book a roomy quality, which is a very good thing with a story with the epic nature of the insanely widespread Mongol conquests.

Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive? Other books in the series.