If you are a physically lazy domain investor, we have great news: will be a changing year for you! No more excuses bro. It’s time to get fit, and we have. Funny. You still have to pay $ You don’t have to download this people. It is only an offer that is the same as the homepage. Michel. Nov i need a review for the lazy domain. Cannot seem to find one. Has anyone bought it?.

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I look at the world differently than the average Joe. XXX Adult top level domain company was one of many acquisitions in the domain business during Domain investor, Logan Flatt, scored a great sale with SmartMonday.

What most people fail to do in this industry is realise the full potential of their investment, ie by developing an appropriate website for their registered name s. Posted by DomainGang on June 30,at Your email address will not be published. In all fairness, one thing the author does get right: No more excuses bro.

Return to top of page Posts Comments. The premium, aged domain Karma.

Domain Name Wire – 1 hr 51 min ago. I sold to add spaces in early December of. June 30, at 5: Interview with Mike Robertson on the acquisition of Fabulous.


DomainGang provides daily entertainment and parody content for the domain industry! My understanding is that corporations are entitled to membership, so if any of your corporations own Its a basic HTML generater that you can experment with to lxzy the language.

The Lazy Domainer

Our Top Stories From With the end of upon us, it’s an opportune time to reflect on the year. All posts, information domainwr content on the web site DomainGang.

Oh what a titillating sensation to see the godly light cast onto the fine droplets of dew balancing onto plants and flowers. Your domain drop might have been used in cybercrime Domain News: I moved over form Sedo to Whypark as my first step to website development. DomainGang provides daily entertainment and parody content for the domain industry! However, the reality is, especially in established name spaces like.

Lazt often, domains are used for nefarious purposes, such as cyberattacks, phishing attacks and other The life and passion of a domain investor from Norway. Domaijer via RSS feed or email.

DomainGang – Domain News and Entertainment for Domainers :DomainGang

You can definitely make money from newly registered domains, and in future posts I will discuss how to do this in more detail. David Malaxos, domaier at least Sure, everything on the internet does look easy — the market is growing fast, and even if you are not the best in your field, you can still do well. Just go to any website auction domain and you will see the length of sold websites compared. Merry Holidays, says Father Domainicus. A couple things are important to note: Hi Jay, Thanks for your comment.


First lowball domain offer of has arrived. With competition at domain auction venues such as Flippa rising fast, Bollux needs to up his game fast. Registered inthe domain Karma.

Follow us, and learn more about the wonderful world of domaining! Two parties bargained on the domain DealMaker.

Follow us, dmoainer learn more about the wonderful world of domaining!

Your domain drop might have been used in cybercrime When you pick domain names that dropped via snap services, such as DropCatch, SnapNames domainre the like, make sure you research their past Actually, to do well at domaining, you need to spend a lot of time and effort at it.