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Kathleen Moline, Joseph H. Nolan Sandra Schultz look on in a scene from ‘The Medium. The following persons were kreeel as Outstanding Students: Inter-Fraternity Council continued to plan activities that encouraged all organizations to participate actively on campus.

Kilcy talks to Rev.

Search and browse yearbooks online. Greek Week swimming presents keen competition. In addition to the skiing activities, the Sitzmarkcrs continued to sponsor their annual fall and spring canoe trips down the 8rule River. Defenbaugh who were commissioned to new assignments.

David Farrell Krell

Accounting Kadlecok, Kathleen A. Choosing the correct picture can be a real problem for editor Kathy Merrihew.

In a interview, Krell cited Jacques Derrida as a major influence on his work on Nietzsche. It will be given annually to a non-officer for his outstanding service to the fraternity. Programs included classical, popular, jazz, folk, drama, discussions, literature readings, community cultural events, news, weather, and sports.

Roohr who advised and listened to complaints Platteville won the football game by a score of Viggiano, N, Del Quadro, 0. All Conference, All District 14; W. Special events included dances, “Casino Night” and a picnic, tours of the campus, downtown and harbor, and a pizza party. Patricia Podvin, an alumni of the sorority, was commentator. Shadows play on the newly completed Jim Dan Hill Library. The show began slowly, but once Denny Brooks and his guitar captivated the audience, the rest of the program went smoothly.


Charles Hill struggles with referee. Receives Grant Dennis Hardy reviews tor a biology lab test. The basic theme of the play was two-fold: Freshman center Windy McGriff finished fifth in the conference scoring race with Biology Duret, Claudette L. Single men and women students living off campus enjoyed the freedom to entertain friends, study in solitude, acquire homemaking talents and relax, removed from the long arm of the University.

A long drive helps Jim Kreni in the oreel against Stout and White-water. Competition was strong among participating organizations. Mcrtzig, M, McCombs, C. SCLUB Honors Hoffman Members of the S Club provided workers for all athletic contests, donated food baskets to welfare cases at Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Easter, and provided over three hundred dollars for awards and trophies kree national and conference winners.

Warren Isokrari, Ombo F. Business Jemiola, Nancy E. Donna Marie Dcbolt and her accompanist entertain kreeel the Spectrum following spring break. Kaner, A Evans; Row 3: Meyer and the other administrative heads were faced with a mild form of 20 demands which were presented by some student activists, but no major incidents or disturbances occurred.

Gobineau Kathy Mlsna ,and Mrs. Paul Meadows are among the guests who prove waltzing is still a favorite dance.

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smd 2.5 kreel d c97 PDFs / eBooks

Students left the buildings in a state of confusion, but rejoiced in the unexpected release from classes. Karl Morevek presents a trophy to Bob Peck for his performance in football. The department curriculum has centered on the area of clinical, experimental, educational, and industrial psychology. Besides being general manager, Steve X also works tho boards.

Call SAM for High voltage IGBT, power IGBT, circuit, IGBT transistor.

Among this year’s freshman were: Mike Russell trams on an exercycle. Rago became Professor of Aerospace studies upon the retirement of Lt. Betty Fishier, Barry Delta Sigma; Spanish Club, treasurer; Hillel.

Second semester activities included complete participation in Sno-Week, Campus Clown dance, a dinner dance, and the senior banquet. Foltz as the advisor.

John Munsel describes his idea of the finished stage to the technical assistants. Joseph 70 Healy, Alice During Homecoming, the F97 Tau float took second place honors in the competition. Emphasis was placed on micro-teaching and participation in teacher education. Biotogy Spiak, Diane E. Nancy Cole is selected Miss Bewitching.

Sombreros make cheering a bit difficult for Isabel Mack and Nancy Cole.