The Kanun is a set of traditional Albanian laws. The Kanun was primarily oral and only in the 20th century was it published in writing. There is only one Kanun. The sources of the customary law of the Albanians are: Kanuni i Skënderbeut, Kanuni i Malsisë së Madhe, Kanuni i Labërisë, Kanuni i Lekë. Kanuni i Lekë Dukagjinit Diftojsi nga A. SHTJEFEN KONST. GJEÇOV, O.F.M. · Parathâne – →. Parathâne – · 1. Kisha · 2. Familja · 3. Martesa.

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Conclusion If we retrace Albanian history, we will state that the Albanian area was very closely with all peoples, who played a role on the Balkans, is spoiled. The robbery by open force was understood as injury of the honor. The village could arrange an expiration of these 24 h.

According to Serbian authors T. The books and their subdivisions are the following:. Burning alive of a woman, a widow or girls, who showed themselves as violated. During the period of vow, no revenge could be exercised. The goods of the body after the customary law of the Albanians could be hurt by impact, mutilating and by death. Architecture Photography Museums Theatres. With the God peace movement of 11th Century, known as church movement, one has tried a pacification of certain persons to limit things, places as well as times with certain actions in relation to feud in order by the national peace to be replaced later.

Under advice of the oldest ones all fell, i. The Kanun is a set of traditional Albanian laws. This peace vow did not last longer than 24 hours.

The homicide without intention was not pursued. The processing of the Kanun exhibits heavy errors. The vow of 24 hours occurred, if the house of the killing granted peace vow to the author, then this the author participated at the dead celebration, although he had killed, and was charged for the kill.


Ottoman rule, Islam and the Albanians, — After Albanian customary law one bore rather death as the injury lele the honor. The fight between children was not taken seriously. It was first codified in the 15th century but the use of it has been outspread much earlier in time.

Introduction The Albanian expression for the customary law of the Albanians is Kanun. Kosovo A short history. By the ianuni of the soul mainly the honor was understood.

A certain group of persons were preserved by the blood revenge, like women, children, the priest, old and ill humans as well kanumi spirit patients. Want to Read saving….

Sabiona rated it really liked it Dec 26, One differentiated between injury of hospitality and the house right. The German criminal jurisdiction and the Albanian customary law The history of the German criminal jurisdiction contains some common elements with the Albanian customary law in addition, very large differences. Hydropower plants Wind farms Solar power.

If he was dishonored, this was the heaviest injury of the honor of a man. Government agencies Head of state list Head of government list Foreign relations Political parties Treaties Visa policy. Mythology Besa Secularism Religion Sworn virgins. On the other hand under unintentional negligent mutilating, one understood those by coincidence and without intention added wound.

She could be killed only in the case of adultery, otherwise killing a woman — it was intentional or unintentional — was a large dishonor. An injury of the honor could take place on three levels:. In addition, on the other hand beautiful things are present, on which one is pride, like hospitality, Besa etc.

Kanuni i Lekë Dukagjinit

If someone let himself in however with an engaged girl, then the family of the author stood in blood revenge with the family of the bridegroom. Oraovac [12] and S. Arton rated it it was amazing Sep 16, Public weapon robbery happened if one had to deliver the weapon with force or obligation. Please enter your name here. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. L a thief stole a cow, the owner had the right to take it back, where always it was found, also when someone the stolen cow bought.


Just a moment dukagjijit we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Arben Cukaj kanunk it it was amazing Mar 24, For other uses, see Qanun. Criminal Intent ” Blasters ” as the explanation for the sudden retreat of a group of Albanian assassins.

After mixture of the blood they exchanged the glasses and it was enough for them also to over-cross their hands, so that everyone drank the kanubi of the other one.

Elvira Dones ‘s Sworn Virgin [29] refers to Kanun and women’s practice of swearing celibacy in return to being accepted as men by all local villagers.

The Crescent and the Eagle: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The Kanun was primarily oral and only in the 20th century was it published in writing.

Kanun (Albania) – Wikipedia

Kathryn Berck rated it it was amazing Dec 10, After an execution of the blood revenge the author dorasi had to inform even the public and the family of the victim that he practiced blood revenge.

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