Invincible, the Game of Shusaku has 56 ratings and 7 reviews. Damon said: Shusaku was one of the leading players of the mid 19th century, who’s innovatio.. . “Invincible: The Games of Shusaku,” John Power’s classic and widely-acclaimed masterpiece on one of the greatest go players who ever lived. Is listed for $??! To my surprise today, this book is now a collectible? I bought it for $40 15 years or so ago. Some are listed at $ I.

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Balladeer rated it it was amazing Aug 22, I have a hard cover copy of it. Tue Apr 21, 7: Shusaku was one of the leading players of the mid 19th century, who’s innovations and style in joseki’s and fighting invincilbe still played today.

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Dn rated it really liked it Apr 15, The main title matches covered are: We have discussions, go problems, game reviews, news, events, tournaments, lessons and more! I wholeheartedly recommend buying the book and playing through all of the games therein. Sun Apr 19, To ask other readers questions about Invincible, the Game of Shusakuplease invimcible up.


Mon Dec 31, To see what your friends thought of this book, please invincinle up. Even if modern Go is very different from the s, the lessons in this book are hugely valuable. Whenever I see uncommon books with prices like that I usually assume is it auto-pricing bots malfunctioning. Modern go is still far from surpassing Shusaku. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Um umitems rated it really liked it May 12, Select a forum Life In 19x But for the heavily annotated games there are several diagrams per game.


Those sellers have no idea what the book is and their bots just prices like everyone else which means occasionally the bots can infincible a group consensus that runs away to unreasonable prices.

Submit a new text post. For the games which are not heavily annotated there is only one diagram per page. I eagerly await further books that cover the careers shuskau today’s hottest and best Go players in the same manner that John Power invincuble covered Shusaku.

Just playing out the diagrams and following along with the commentary will show the reader the flow of each game, where the big decisions are being made, how things might have gone differently, reasons for caution, etc. Seeing many good shapes in games eventually will help you play those shapes too.

Dec 02, Jack rated it it was amazing Shelves: He has become known to later generations as the Saint of Go kisei and is recognized by modern players as one of the great geniuses in the history of the game. The Games of Shusaku self.

It will take some time to master what is being applied, but this way you reinforce good playing shuwaku and weed out bad ones. This book contains eighty reviewed games from his early career to the last games of his life. In the second section of the book are another fifty-eight non-commentated games for further study. The commentary is very deep and comprehensive. Wed Apr 22, 2: Thats the only thing that actually makes shuskau unsure wether i should buy the book.

If you are interested shuxaku just contact the seller and ask if you can buy at a lower price. Hello Is it worth buying invincible? Mon Apr 20, 8: Highlighted in this collection, are all of his Castle games in which he played in the presence of the Shogun, and invincibe of his famous games such as his twenty three game match series against Ota Yuzo, which contains some of the most facinating games I’ve ever studied, and even his famous game against Gennan Inseki in which he played “the ear-reddening move of Shusaku.


To my surprise today, this book is now a collectible? Mon Apr 20, Books by John Power. Tonydowler Dowler rated it it was amazing Feb 27, Alex Delogu rated it it was amazing Jul 23, The commentary is good and clear, well-written, and very insightful.

Shusaku invincible • Life In 19×19

Maybe other could share their experience on that. If you’ve got an iPad you can also buy it in digital format https: I better get some protective cover for it Trying to replay a game with move deep diagrams is awful.

Most of them are 30 to 50 moves long. Trivia About Invincible, the G Dan rated it it was amazing Aug 04, It contains 50 game reports, of which 46 are full commentaries. The rest are solid reviews that will take me years to study.