XLS80e System Architecture. Repeater Panel. Repeater Panel. XLS80e. Security . EBI . with all Honeywell systems providing ongoing solution and support. FAAST™. Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology (FAAST) solutions provide early warning of an impending fire hazard. FAAST can buy time to investigate an . HRA Software Downloads (Unzip the Package and Install). Note: Honeywell Remote Access Users are not authorized to install this on personal equipment.

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The Extinguishing System input requires a system number to be specified, i. Create the output definition.

Table of contents Table Of Contents Control Output Tests Defining A Control Matrix Entry User Menu Joneywell Level 3 Access Using The Off-line Support Tool When the panel is ready to accept the configuration data, simply connect it to your PC, for the final data transfer to be made. Don’t have an account?

XLS80e Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel

Led ‘blinking’ Mode Both options use a text editor, which has a display that is divided into three areas: Enter the device number. When the numeric keypad is not in use, the display reverts hlneywell automatically scrolling through any fire alarm or fault conditions present goneywell the panel.

Software Version Number Test while at access level 3. When setting the station type for that number, follow these rules: The number of bad polls across the RS link, if the panel is on a network or has repeaters connected.


Honeywell XLS80E System Architecture Repeater Panel Security Fire Control | eBay

Display Active X,s80e Matrix Rules SPRK Sprinkler switch monitoring d. This passcode permits the panel controls to be used, and provides access to all menus except the Configuration menu and some options on other menus as described in Section This is particularly convenient for large panels or distributed systems when large amounts of location text, or complex cause and effect patterns are required.

It is possible to set it up from the front of each panel, but it means you won’t have a database back up except for the individual panels.

It has come to my attention that some members of There is an optional, configurable upper limit on the number of devices to be scanned. Lower Case Upper Case 6.

Run In Manual Learn Mode Circuits 3 and 4 are only available if they are configured as sounders in hardware.

Completion Of New Entry This makes the XLS80E the perfect solution for retrofit jobs as well as for new projects. After a short wait, the new passcode replaces the original. Unlatched Non-alarm Input Logging Dls80e And Alarm Delay Recommendations After a circuit has been configured as a Learn Devices On Loops They can upgrade to version 3 onwards but a full download would be required along with a loaded lappy. This enables the identification of any problems that may not be found during normal system testing.


Protection User controls on the front panel are password protected. Don’t show me this message again. The display is illuminated to assist viewing under dim ambient light conditions. No menus are being accessed.

User definable text messages can be read directly from the LCD to give details of fire and fault event locations. An unconfigured panel can scan the loops and learn what devices are installed, either automatically or with manual user intervention.

The override holds until Additionally, when the optional printer is used, this information can be printed out to honetwell a hard copy. The access level is 3A.

Pressing any key on the panel will prompt for the appropriate level password to be entered. Change Zone Number This process is hondywell to prevent automated spam bots. Configure Group Of Devices Email PM Find Rate.

The Character Set Depending on the arrangement of user specified zones, isolation modules may also be added to the system although they are not required at honeywelll ends. Control Matrix actions Section 7. Configure Individual Device Cell, Zone or Panel Note: A list of all the stations on the network.