Steps to reproduce: 1. Add to the 2. Listen for creationComplete onthe. Why don’t encode img in base 64 at runtime? package { import y. Sprite; import ; import ader; import Sprite class, an HTMLLoader object can be added to ActionScript-based and Flex-based applications targeting the Adobe AIR runtime. Also included in the API.

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Dispatched by an InteractiveObject when a drag gesture enters its boundary. The TextField object that has been scrolled. Since the StageWebView class uses the system web control provided by the Flash Player plugin, concurrent use of StageWebView and HTMLLoader instances is strongly discouraged as it has undefined behavior and can possibly terminate the application. The default value is false. This default value varies depending on the runtime operating system such as Mac OS, Linux, or Windows hymlloader, the runtime language, and the runtime version, as in the following examples:.

Show Inherited Public Methods.

About the HTMLLoader class

Boolean Whether or not the display object is visible. Sprite Designates another sprite to serve as the hit area for a sprite. Rectangle Returns a rectangle that defines the boundary of the display object, based on the coordinate system defined by the targetCoordinateSpace parameter, excluding any strokes on shapes. Boolean Specifies whether content loaded via the loadString method is put in the application sandbox true or in a non-application sandbox false.


This event has the following properties: Boolean Specifies whether the local cache should be consulted fflex HTTP requests issued by this object fetch data. LoaderInfo [read-only] Returns a LoaderInfo object containing information about loading the file to which this display object belongs. Navigation by zero forces a reload. Dispatched when the user attempts to change focus by using a pointer device.

By default, content installed with the application is installed in a sandbox known as the application htmlloadeg, and this grants it access to the AIR APIs. If this is a possibile situation for your users, consider instructing them to close Acrobat or Adobe Reader while running your application.

Dispatched when a user presses and releases the main button of the user’s pointing device over the same InteractiveObject.

Dispatched by the drag initiator InteractiveObject when the user releases the drag gesture. Boolean Specifies whether the object receives doubleClick events.

Vector3D Converts a two-dimensional point from the Stage global coordinates to a three-dimensional display object’s local coordinates. Number Indicates the x coordinate of the DisplayObject instance relative to the local coordinates of the parent DisplayObjectContainer.

Point Converts the point object from the display object’s local coordinates to the Stage global coordinates. Object Specifies whether the display object is opaque with a certain background color. Dispatched when the user lifts an active stylus above the proximity detection threshold of the screen.

When this property is set to truethe content loaded via the loadString htmlloaeer is placed in the application sandbox, with access to the window.

Property Value bubbles false cancelable false ; there is no default behavior to cancel. If you set this property to trueensure that the data source for a string used in a call to the loadString method is trusted.


So, thanks for a correct suggestion, Sean. Returns the string representation of this object, formatted according to locale-specific conventions.

Adobe Flash Platform * About the HTMLLoader class

Dispatched by an InteractiveObject continually while a drag gesture remains within its boundary. Running the above code, I see that the IMG element is added to the external content with width and height of px, but the PNG image itself doesn’t render. Number Indicates the horizontal scale percentage of the object as applied from the registration point. The maximum width value is pixels.

Dispatched when the value of the object’s tabChildren flag changes.

ader (Flex )

DisplayObject Returns the child display object instance that exists at the specified index. The result of evaluating the expression in the throw statement that resulted in the uncaught exception. The event is not dispatched when ActionScript code changes the scrollH or scrollV property. Returns the child display object instance that exists at the specified index.

A Boolean value that indicates whether the pointing hand hand cursor appears when the pointer rolls over a sprite in which the buttonMode property is set to true.