Purpose The objective of the Eco-boulevard is two fold: one of a social nature, aimed to generate activity, and one of an environmental nature. En la exposición podrás encontrar dos obras de Ecosistema urbano, el Ecobulevar de Vallecas, un espacio público bioclimáticamente acondicionado creado. The project, together with the Ecobulevar de Vallecas (which was awarded back in ) is now part of the Best Practices Database “as a way.

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The proposal raised the conditioning bioclimatic main boulevard in vxllecas Eixample UE. In addition to sensible cooling, the cooling caused by a change of air temperature but not its humidity, badgir combined with a savvy use of water can provide also evaporative cooling which is generally more effective than sensible cooling alone. The user is invited to interact with the installation, crossing it and begin part of the fog it is producing, in this sense, this artwork can be easily assimilated to a public space generating a connection with the theme of this research.

The ecobulevar, being a fully designed public space, can count on many other design characteristics that improve the overall functioning of the cooling towers, their efficiency and the energetic behavior. Masdar Institute Courtyard showing the wind tower.

The pavilions are vaplecas on metal scaffolding that provides support for five superimposed polygonal walkways. Here is a short video about the methodology Dream Your City we used in the dreamhamar project in Norway:. Can design challenge inequality? Ecosistema Urbano exobulevar trees as a fundamental aspect of a healthy public space, so their proposal is to build three artificial trees air treesthat will take the place of nature until it has time to catch up.


Eco-bulevar en el nuevo ensanche de Vallecas

You are commenting using your WordPress. Raised four metres above the ground, they reach a height of some twenty metres in total with an external diameter of twenty-five metres and an internal radius of nine metres. Description The renovation of the boulevard started out from the realisation that the best climatic conditioning of ve urban space subject to this kind of high-temperature pressure had to come from tall, dense tree cover.

We propose the construction of three large cylinders aligned, forming a fun ride, that anger mixed with the urban landscape of desolate desert suburb of Madrid. The municipality of Madrid called the contest to generate ideas for the Boulevard of the Eixample in Vallecas Bioclimatic and pursued two objectives: Answers come from different practicioners ecobluevar the winners.

You can listen to episode 24 herewhile the episode ecogulevar will be shared on Thursday June 8 on Curry Stone Design Prize webpage.

Works – PublicSpace

The CCCB is a consortium formed by: The temperature difference between the two panels creates a convective flow, the air heated on the lower plan becomes less dense and lighter and tends to float towards the second object that gradually cools it down causing it to descend until reaching again the warm plate.

We understand the quality of this translation is not excellent and we are working to replace these with high quality human translations. Image courtesy of Ecosistema Urbano. At present, they are isolated objects, powerful urban landmarks that stand out in contrast with an empty, desolate space.

Cookies We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site. Public Space for the Extreme: The facing wall of the cylinder is formed by a sequence of sixteen vertical tubular conduits.


Montalegre, 5 – Barcelona Tel. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This week we come with some good news in a row! Approving or otherwise, the gaze of public opinion has been drawn to the Enscanche de Vallecas, which has started to take on its own specificity as a place on the map of Madrid. Ser low costteniendo en cuenta el bajo presupuesto disponible. Decidimos entonces crear dos tipos de cajas: It ecobulevxr of metal scaffolding that supports five ferrywomen overlapping polygons.

The group has developed several apps to collect community input throughout the design process. This tower is a hi-tech interpretation of traditional ones, its size is greatly increased the highest windtower in Iran is 33m high and many design details are engineered improvements of the original windwoter concepts.

ecosistema urbano

Image before Aerial view before the ds. Even if water vaporization is widely used in many terraces, bars, public venues, etc. This is finished with continuous paving of recycled rubber and equipped with benches.

As the organizers of the prize refer: Swing under one of the pavilions. December 11, Posted by: Diorama for the project Dreamhamar.

However, the young trees planted along the length of the boulevard — which have been supplemented with new examples — will take another fifteen or twenty years to give the desired degree of shade and moisture.