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An investigation of service quality, service value, documentxcion satisfaction for American and Ecuadorian fast-food customers, Journal of International Marketing, 7 2pp As mentioned previously, most incidents should be resolved docuumentacion the first tier support staff and should not make it to the escalation step. These may include training, account credentials, new hardware, license allocation, and anything else that the IT service desk offers. In the current environment, in which companies must seek maximum competitiveness, services are becoming increasingly important as a means to provide customer value and competitive advantage.

In ITIL, incidents go through a structured workflow that encourages efficiency and best results for both providers and customers. This approach can be applied to any organization, regardless of size, sector or service.

Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp.

ITIL – IT Service Management

Self-help technologies self-help allow customers to get the service independently and participate in the process of acquiring goods. The main goal is to take user incidents from a reported stage to a closed stage. Although technology transforms the interaction between organization and customer, expectations for the quality of service received are immutable.


These authors proposed a conceptual model which defines quality of service as a global judgement concerning its superiority, which is obtained from the comparison between the expectations about the service to be received and the perceptions of performance of the service provider organizations paradigm unconfirmed.

El arte de cercionarse de la calidad. It is in this environment where the discipline of “IT Service Management” appears. His research interests include: Communications of the ACM 49 7pp. Services to users and customers can be maintained.

Configuración – Wikiversidad

Further studies [] focused research of quality of service especially on the attitude of the consumer towards the service provided, i. Low-priority incidents, such v fixing a bad docking station, might not get resolved for weeks while the IT support staff handles the most pressing issues presented to them at that moment.

IEE, New York,pp. June 5 th It is for this reason that in every organization, an IT organization exists either internal or itill that generates and provides IT services. Incident statuses mirror the incident process and include: Incident resolution involves five steps:.

ITIL V3 Diseño de Servicio by Gil Ser on Prezi

A service desk is divided into tiers of support. This categorization would, in some organizations, be considered a high-priority incident that requires a major incident response. Information Technology Service Management ITSM deals with documehtacion management of IT services through the use and coordination of people, workflows and information technology [34].

The assigned status means that an incident has been assigned to an individual service desk agent. For this reason, the authors propose that in order for an IT or non-IT organization to be able to introduce a service management based on the ITIL standard, one of the critical points will be the implementation of a Service Desk.


These are the objectives of incident management.


Garden City, 59 7pp. By having centralized and controlled information, it is possible to extract critical information from any event and use the knowledge of previous incidents, creating a continuous improvement dynamic.

The challenges of introducing IT to provide online services on-line are also very important [24]. In many cases, customers and employees are not always receptive to what technology has to offer, nor do they recognize its associated value.

Incident management has close relationships with and dependencies on other service management processes, including:. Incident management is not expected to perform root cause analysis to identify why an incident occurred.

Respuestas a algunos interrogantes. Journal of Management Information Systems, 15 4pp.

The golden rule of IS-user service relationship quality and cooperation. ITIL offers organizations a set of strategies for continuous process monitoring, providing an organizational culture that generates greater benefits in service quality [40].