Buy CXZ/H20 with extended same day shipping times. View datasheets , stock and pricing, or find other Modem Modules. CXZ Specifications: Device Type: Modem ; Supply Voltage: V ; Data Rate: 2 kbps Details, datasheet, quote on part number: CXZ. Case/Package, LCC. Data Rate, Kbps. Mount, Surface Mount. Operating Supply Voltage, V. Compliance. RoHS: Compliant. Datasheets. Conexant.

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The modem can automatically determine the speed and format of the data sent from the DTE. The modem can detect and qualify ring signals.

No license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any intellectual property rights is granted by this document. Table provides a dimension table that is common to both QFN styles.

Some AT commands are still valid but may operate differently than in data modem mode. Applies to types I and O unless otherwise indicated. Speech received from the telephone line is shaped, converted to analog form, and output to the speaker or handset.

The modem returns to normal mode upon receiving an AT command or receiving a qualified ring.

USB V.92/V.34/V.32bis Controllered Modem With CX20548 SmartDAA®

No Connect Ratasheet Notes: Industry standard and shortened answer tone B and V. Once the voice call is completed, the modem can quickly renegotiate with the server back to the original data call.

This feature is available only with a connection to a server supporting MOH. After dialing, modem operation is controlled by fax commands. The DIB data channel supports daatsheet half-duplex serial transfer of data, control, and status information between the CXx and the LSD over two lines. Speakerphone Mode features an advanced proprietary speakerphone algorithm which supports full-duplex voice conversation with acoustic, line, and handset echo cancellation.


Position cx220548 capacitors very close to the VC pin. This output can be optionally connected to a low-cost on-board speaker, e. Clock specifications are listed in Table Full-duplex Receive and Transmit Mode.

The following are trademarks of Conexant Systems, Inc.: DTR ON prepares the modem to be connected to the telephone line, and maintains the connection established by the DTE manual answering or internally automatic answering. Information in this document is provided cx20584 connection with Conexant Systems, Inc.

An additional or modified country profile can be loaded into internal SRAM. Single-ended analog data output. The modem can speed sense data with mark or space parity and configures itself as follows: In Tone Mode, all three tone detectors are operational. Place C near pin 1. Answer tone detection period.

In fax modem cc20548, the modem can operate in 2-wire, half-duplex, synchronous modes and can support Group 3 facsimile send and receive speeds of,and bps. In addition, the modem supports remote telephone answering machine TAM and speakerphone.

If carrier cz20548 lost for a time greater than specified by the S10 register, the modem disconnects. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

CXA Conexant Systems | WIN SOURCE

Leave open for normal operation. Upon receiving GSTN Cleardown from the remote modem in a non-error correcting mode, the modem cleanly terminates the call. The modem cannot process AT commands. The modem continues to retrain until an acceptable connection is achieved, or until 30 seconds elapse resulting in line disconnect.



In cx220548 or error-correction mode, this inactivity timer is reset when data is received from either the DTE or from the line.

This prevents forward biasing the input protection diodes and possibly entering a latch up mode due to high current transients. Using modem modulations to optimize modem configuration for line conditions, the modem can connect at the highest data rate that the channel can support from 56 kbps down to bps with automatic fallback.

Connect to emitter of transistor Q Currents are positive when flowing into the device. Supporting stream mode, dtasheet modem sends datasjeet frames in varying lengths depending on the amount of time between characters coming from the DTE.

Un-rectified voltage from telephone line used to detect ring. Device is marked A on the package Figure Conexant makes no commitment to update the information and shall have no responsibility whatsoever for conflicts or incompatibilities arising from future changes to daatasheet specifications and product descriptions. Digitized voice data is decompressed and converted to analog form at the original compression quantization sample-per-bits rate then output to the TXA output.