Auto Expo Coverage – Devinci Manchester Bike – Advice. Hi There, I recently have returned to recreational biking after no really riding much for about 15 years. Join Date: Apr ; Posts: New Bike Advice . 1K+ but shops in the chicagoland area have s and s for less than 1K- that’s a nice.

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New Bike Advice Needed After Crash | Cyclingnews Forum

Still as long as he is making a good living at it Clearing the mist around road tubeless part I. It is most disappointing. It gets a bit of stick and usually comes home caked in mud but I’ve had no problems with it at all.

Looks like you only need half a bike. Does that sound adequate? Years since I’ve been on a bike Good luck with your hunt and don’t forget to buy good quality and good fitting protective gear. As for the type of bike to get, have a read on CTC’s website for more information: There’s a nice blue one on ebay. Vittoria Rubino Pro 3 bikeadvuce.


Front and rear suspension is designed for downhill rides, front suspension hard tails are great for off road use and cross country.

Boardman bikes are exceptional value for money and always get excellent reviews check out bikeradar. I guess we all are discretional customers at the end of the day some with more discretion than others, sorry.

Links pleas Jon, examples of weld quality? SR Original Poster posts 86 months. Continue shopping at Halfords.

Ended up with a CBRF, had it about 8 weeks now and very pleased with it so far. Post by sanrensho on Mon Jul 09, 6: However it’s only 8 Ah so that won’t bikeadgice guaranteed for everyone, and their battery price is very high so having two of them on trips is a very expensive option.


Thanks all, great feedback. If you buy a knockoff brand, make sure it is cheap and runs well.

Seeking Road bike advice: Carbon Norco vs models – Weight Weenies

They typically require the more maintenence, do not require the rider to clutch as often, nor shift as often. Apollo is one of them. No offence taken Tim, You are quite right, I should have stated private land and not just off-road as this could be read as meaning anywhere but the public highway.

I am looking for advice on a new winter bike. A frame, forks, handlebars, stem, front wheel, break levers and maybe front break! I originally only intended on using it on easy, purpose built bike trails but the novelty of those soon wore off and now we regularly head to the Lakes or North Wales etc to get covered in mud doing some off-roading.

Post by justkeepedaling on Tue Jul 03, 1: All I have replaced is the pedals to SPDs and covered some black parts with pink tape see my avatar.

Prev 1 of 2 Next. Other things worth considering for off-roading from my experience anyways is you don’t want a top heavy bike so low down battery is good and also suspension deffo at front and optional ar bikeadvuce but it does help a lot with rear sus. Forum

In answer to your question, eZee kits can be de-restricted for off road use. Much easier to ride in these circumstances than a “mountain” bike. Im bikeadviice sure now if i want biikeadvice sell it. We have had cheap bikes for years done Dalby loads, Clumber park, Berwick, Sherwood etc etc Cycling Weekly this week. My son has been racing since he was 6, and my daughter started racing with training wheels on, and we have owned a pile of bikes!


I have so much kit I don’t need any. My steel is all well and good but winter is going to dissolve it before long. Feel free to continue the debate though: I still have my old PW80 that my father first bought me, its still running strong to this day and i will never part with it.

Difficult question to answer. I guess the real question is: Look on YACF forum or just google them. Beats going to Halfords that’s for sure.

Assos is top notch, Lusso are at the other end of the scale but very good. All tell tale signs of maintenence on wearable parts. Comfy, easy to ride, excellent build quality and feels sporty enough for my first bike. My favourite area for cycling off road,and I guess if you have a family is Aluminium is so last decade, carbon is presumably useless because it’ll snap instantly, steel used to be ‘old skool’ cool but will weigh a ton, titanium can’t be repaired when it breaks.

After getting the bike from an independent cycle shop, it is worth enrolling on a basic maintenance course, which is usually free, so that one can change inner tube, tyres, brake cable and pads, clean the chain, adjust the brakes etc