Lysistrata. Front Cover · Aristophanes. Hackett Publishing, – Literary Criticism – Poet and classicist Sarah Ruden received her Ph.D. in Classics from. Read the full-text online edition of Lysistrata (). Lysistrata. By Aristophanes, Sarah Ruden. No cover image. Lysistrata. By Aristophanes, Sarah Ruden. By Sarah Ruden The University of Cape Town Several weeks ago, I began a translation, or rather an adaption, of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata for the South African .

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It is certainly extensive. Women sorting the men out, more than years ago. This is simply my opinion of the translation.

Would that lysisrata just create divisions between the sexes and a sort of war between the citizens? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The story is about a way that the heroine, Lysistrata, has devised to end the war that men have waged, the funny thing is that her reason to ideate her plan is the, mostly erotic, longing she feels for not being able to be with his man, and this is the reason the women of Greece accept to back her plan.

If you are a seller for this product, would you like lysjstrata suggest updates through seller support? Cinesias has arrived at the Acropolis to lysitsrata his wife for sex.

Book Review: Lysistrata by Aristophanes Translated by Sarah Ruden

There is about 10 pages on each of these subjects and, wow, they are so beneficial. Oh boy, where do I begin? Just think of all those squadrons of Amazons Micon has painted for us engaged in hand-to-hand combat with men. This is why Lysistrata brings the Spartan and Theban women into the plan as well, because the idea was to not just starve the Athenian men of sex, but all of the men on both sides of the conflict, in the hope that this would bring them to the negotiating table.

I had to buy this for a college literature class. It was tough trying to get words out of the overwhelming emotional vortex; an obstinate ketchup bottle ignoring the need of a fried potato for the tangy goodness. It was not a question of victory at any cost any more, but it was a question of trying to bring the war to an end so that Athens would suffer an honourable defeat not that she had been honourable to any of the cities that she had sacked.


There is a selected bibliography, as lyxistrata as an index to the commentaries. It basically begins with these lines: The women lock themselves in the treasury of Athen and the old men of the town, and eventually the magistrate, gather to persuade them differently.

Sparta was the unbreakable pit in the fruit of Greece” p. See all reviews. Please try again later. From what I’ve heard, Roche translated all of Aristophanes works including Lysistrata in a very articulate way.

Ltsistrata would not have met with such a brutal death for being a scoundrel of a dictator. Warah women fret about their homes going to ruin while they are away. Several laugh out loud moments for me. I wanted to find an accessible translation by a woman to Lysistrata, since I started using Women on the Edge: Jul 11, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: This confession of bias is certainly true. Yes it is still engaging, but it lacks the substance that Roche’s translation had. Also I notice some observations about the government ruen times of Aristophanes.

I want to give this translation a one-star rating, but unfortunately it affects the ratings for the drama itself. We will call you lysidtrata.

Do they ignore your pleas for peace no matter how long the Peloponnesian War has been going on? Now – ‘Whenas the swallows, fleeing before the hoopoes, shall have all flocked together in one place, and shall refrain them from all amorous commerce, then will be the end of all the ills of life; yea, and Zeus, which doth thunder in the skies, shall set above what was once below It szrah then time to enact society, of which, it was decided by G-d, would be left to the people wandering around.

The role of women in the Athens of the time was subservient and entirely domestic. As this example shows, Ruden is not shy about vulgarity. Sono ancora lontani i tempi delle dottrine artefatte che assoggettano e sarsh la natura reale dei corpi come fossero bestioline selvatiche.


It is only after some persistent persuasion that Lysistrata manages the women to concur with her plan. I really hate to start using GIF’s in a serious review, but in this scenario, I just need them here to express how I felt about this translation. Aristophanes is crude enough; why add more?

Get to Know Us. I do not necessarily subscribe lysistrara the notion that if women ruled the world there would be no war.

I never got to the ending, lgsistrata in later years my various girlfriends, in the manner of Ghandi protesting English oppression of the Indian subcontinent, were wont to use “Lysistratan nonaction” to protest my rampant drinking and proneness to random street violence.

As for just the translation if you ignore all this modern BS in a 5th century society? Ruden translates the first instance, but does not note that the line is Homeric, and she completely omits the second instance. As such, might I please just walk out to the police car? It concerns an object I’ve felt over and turned this way and that for sleepless nights.

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: Lysistrata (Hackett Classics) (): Aristophanes, Sarah Ruden: Books

Reviewed by Barbara Clayton, Stanford University clayton stanford. Basically the Athenians had sent their entire navy off on a little adventure to capture Sicily, and in doing so pretty much lost all of her ships and a bulk of her fighting men. One even tries to fake a pregnancy: How true the saying: Maybe Ruden assumed that a lot of the poetry Aristophanes used in this play was pointless to the plot.

The vivacity of the cover is matched by the playfulness of this translation.