their subsequent books entitled “Staking Tools and How to Use them” maintained the same K&D produced staking tool sets to cover the universe of brands. Picked this up recently for a snip from an excellent fleabayer in Japan: A fairly clean item from August with a good dial. Being a bit of a fan. Staking Tools & How to Use Them [K & D Manufacturing Corp.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The images are dpi and still look good, but the file is now half the size of the high rez version and includes the ability to search the text. And remember this isn’t the ultimate way, just one that works for me. That Spring has Sprung. Discussion in ‘ Horological Tools ‘ started by tomcolsonAug 30, By TimFitz Started August Thanks Tom, Good job!

Dec 8, 2, 33 48 retired accountant NC Country Flag: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. By TexasDon Started 20 hours ago.

This is the complete original book, including the tool catalog information that was omitted from previous reprints.

So to answer as many questions as possible at once I have made a small walk through on a similar watch Sfaking found in one of my project boxes. I’m sure you will enjoy it here. This is a resource that will be a great help to folk on the forum that have a staking set, or are considering purchasing one. To glue anything an the front on a dial isn’t a easy task to pull off, hence why they glue it from the back on the factory, it is a too big risk in failing with applying the right amount of glue.


I realize you will have a ton adn questions as you proceed with your project. Hello Louis, The files and links have been updated since this post was originally made. I for one will be reading my way through it in the near future. The files and links have been updated since this post was originally made.

You can find the latest version of them at. Message Board only login: Posted October 31, One interesting part with watch repair is the bit of tips and tricks one get from such a wide variety of people as in this forum. You must log in or thhem up to post here.

Previous Thread Next Thread. Does anyone have an active linkcopyor whatever? Sign In Sign Up.

Improved eBooks of Staking Tools and How To Use Them

A little off the subjectbut I got another tool today. Do you already have an account? Even though the case and dial is different the logo and the movement in these are the same. By jdrichard Started August 30, By JhBd Started Wednesday at I’ve also created a new lower resolution version with full text search. OK will scan them later staming if time that is!!!!


I see that I have a set to tighten cannon pinions with. Posted October 29, Vintage Swiss watch case opener holder tool watchmaker ESSER movement adjustable And a picture from the liveauctioneers site from While I’ve only been a lurker here in the past, I’m stakign subscriber and regular viewer of his excellent tutorials.

I hope that others do find the site valuable as you suggest. Thanks for posting this interesting PDF which I have already downloaded and put in my kindle for some light reading, I am sure that loads of the members will appreciate tem work in making it available.

Geo, thanks for the very kind words.

A dial foot soldering machine that I’ll be putting to good use. A quick and dirty walkthrough of fixing a loose Seiko logo on a Kinect. Thank You Very Much Tom.

Improved eBooks of Staking Tools and How To Use Them | NAWCC Message Board

Register a new account. I had no problem downloading them. By phydaux Started November Thanks Vic, I hope you enjoy it.