5. Newsletter. Before doing anything else, make sure to sign up for the free Energy .. Bedini Mono-Pole Energizer circuit that is extremely similar to the diagram. WHAT IS THE BEDINI SG? Get a copy of the Bedini SG – The Authorized Beginner’s Manual if you want to learn all about the Bedini SG and how to build your. This is a hands-on explanation of how to build a monopole energizer based on John C. Bedini’s patent No. 6,, This system charges lead acid or gel cell.

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Specifications – Trigger wire: Discharging is done with a resistor or load of adequate power rating.

The destination batteries are then discharged to 10 volts under working load to prepare for Test 2. Now, this does not mean that you just adjust the potentiometer for the highest RPM, nor does it mean that you adjust it for the lowest current draw.

Remove your analog amp meter before the start of the charge cycle. After discharge, it can be charged back to full again by the one watt charger in about an hour. We recommend that the beginner reads this manually thoroughly before starting to build.

John Bedini Monopole Generators

When the machine is configured to function as a transformer, again, it slows down when ro power, charges the capacitor to the voltage set by the windings ratio, and draws more power from the source battery.


A dozen recommended for experimental variations e. None of this is hard to do, but it takes patience, not blind passion. I guess it is easier to switch the batteries on the capacitor version, but it can be done with the normal sg.

Disconnect the discharge load. Today I will test how many amp hours I can get from fully charged down to Disconnect the charging battery.

John Bedini Monopole Generators :: Nikola TESLA 3 generations later

Put a voltmeter across the light bulb. All diversions from the simple purpose, no matter how useful or interesting, are outside the scope of this focused experiment. Assemble and Test Basic Unit After you have obtained your parts from either the kit or sources indicated in the parts list, construct the basic Monopole SSG.

The first type is the conventional “Classical Electromagnetic” CEM energy that is taught in all the ro. Something different to the cap pulser.

These books are all available by ordering on-line from Tom Bearden’s or Rick Friedrich’s web-site. This safety measure is in addition to regular gluing of the magnets. He has based his research on the work of Nikola Tesla and has worked with many other noted scientists, physicists and inventors in this field.

The “conventional” kind of energy is not enough to account for the observed charging. I’m trying it now Before starting the charge and discharge cycles for the COP enrrgizer it is a good idea to figure out what your testing schedule will be.


Let them settle a little after charging or discharging, but load them ASAP after that.

The second purpose is to investigate some of the advantages in this charging method over conventional methods. This forum is for educational purposes only. We have made the effort to learn what John has been reporting and omnopole. The “sweet spot” is defined as the highest rotor RPM for the lowest current draw on the primary battery. You might find that the recovery pulse would widen out and possibly become larger than the drive pulse at least up to saturation of coil.

I posted this in the Sg thread too. Let it come up to speed. I am one of them.

Full text of “Bedini Monopole 3 Group Experiment V “

The time now is Such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything. Mostly, links are used to advise members where to purchase the recommended parts for your projects or to aid in building the Monopole SSG.

Measure the current and write it down as the “Load Amps in the Output Joules section of the table. Slowly adjust the potentiometer, a little bit at a time, until you get the highest RPM for the minimum current drawn from the primary battery.