Sewage Treatment Plants. DVZ – JZR “ BIOMASTER”®. Biological Sewage. The innovative product range of DVZ specially for Luxury and Mega Yachts. Sewage Treatment Plant DVZ-JZR ” BIOMASTER”® (customized version for .

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Close Disinfecting tank discharge valve V3. This site uses cookies. Aufbau der Sonde vorgegebene min. Flush the drain cock before taking the sample. Do NOT run for longer period against closed valve! The stainless steel bottom plate have to be secured to the foundation with bolts. The filling level of the disinfecting tank and the condition of the disinfected water can be visually inspected through a viewing glass.

Make sure that all overload heater coils on the pump starter are the svz specified on the electric scheme and check setting for current according motor type plate. The sewage to be cleaned has dvvz flow through this biomass and is cleaned using organic methods.

DVZ SKA 20 Biomaster Biological sewage treatment plant – Exapro

The side-channel blower may never be operated with open discharge flange, and therefore has to be protected with vdz wire guard in accordance with DIN EN All pumps returned for factory servicing must be decontaminated and labeled to inform what precautions should be taken before dismantling.

The work described under this section may be executed by a Issue: Our services Advertising Machinery dealers Large Companies.

Seek advice from your safety officer or the manufacturer if you have any doubts. Help other buyers with their decision and rate the machine. If the Treatment Tanks vent is dvx the correct size, back pressure will almost certainly occur every time a highsuds detergent is introduced into the system.

  A070VW04 V0 PDF

Open the bleed valve 5 by turning it one turn anti-clockwise.

Draka Comteq Optical Fiber Cable If the following considerations are overlooked, the safety of personnel or satisfactory operation of the pump may be endangered. The system is ventilated to the open deck via the ventilation system. For mechanical malfunctions check the specific manufacturers documentation enclosed in this manual. When replacing a defective level switch, the pipe threads must be sealed with teflon tape or pipe dope. You have the same machine to sell?

Upon reaching the minimum setpoint, the relay will reset to the “deenergized” condition. A pump that is installed incorrectly, operated wrongly or maintained poorly can present a hazard. If system level is above outside water level, install a watertrap, to the same level as the tanktop and make sure that syphoning is avoided in the discharge pipe install breather pipe or valve at highest point of watertrap Overboard connection to be in accordance with applicable class.

Check all motors for current draw. However, to ensure a high quality effluent at all times, it is recommended to monitor the effluent quality by visual inspection during the first days after starting up. If the water sample is odorless, the bacteria have sufficient air, some “earth like”, or carbondioxide odor is normal. Replace auxiliary relay and start again. Models with grease nipple are supplied with lubricated bearings and do not require to grease for the first hours.

Health risks are minimal when good personal hygiene is observed and proper precautions are taken. It is essential that the torques of the screws are observed! Description Biological sewage treatment plant Manufacturer: Please note that this description may have been translated automatically.


Start compressed air supply. After taking appropriate measures, the odor in water clears up after 24 hours, and effluent should be clear within 48 hours again. Check that the system is approx.

Press the reset button on the overloadprotection inside the control panel and turn the pump on to determine whether the pump motor overloaded and dropped out of the circuit. Digested sludge formation is prevented by continuously feeding activated sludge back into the active system. If not, leave the blower on and the odor will clear up in a few hours. Dvs chlorine is aggressive, and poisonous.

The maintenance of the DVZ metering pumps is limited to checking The liquid end screws fitting tightly, 4.

Luft kann nicht ausweichen. Transport Check all parts for damage during transport before installation and starting of operation. If this information is ignored, or if unauthorised work is carried out on the device, we will not accept dvvz of any kind, and the warranty will no longer be valid for the unit and its accessories!

DVZ SKA 20 Biomaster Biological sewage treatment plant

Desalination Plant Dcz Treatment. Inspect pump starter relay and verify that it is energised. Check pump action by hand start sight glass level falls and, if necessary, fill with water again. The pump is now ready to operate. The vent shall have no excessive resistance or “goose necks”. Spillings shall be rinsed away with plenty of water.