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Product Name:DVRAHDProduct NO Features: 1、Use the standard H video compression format stream lower,high quality,longer recording. China Standalone DVR (RS-DVR), Find details about China Standalone DVR from Standalone DVR (RS-DVR) – Risen (Hongkong) Technology Co. Thank you for purchasing our product. Please read instructions before operation. Change without Notice. 4 ch Mobile DVR. User Manual.

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Tapthen you will have the two way below to add: Humanized menu dialogue when turning off the system menu: Tap to open the PTZ Control panel. Query and play Remote Video. Record and playback video.

Una vez abierto el You can enter into editing mode by tapping the of a certain row and click button in the upper-right corner. Repeat above steps to connect to other channels of the device or another devices.

Please refer to the below descriptions. Four windows display on the Live view. Products details Item specifics Production Capacity: Any characters that you like to identify this device.


Snapshot and Record 6. P2P and QR code scan 2.

Standalone DVR (RS-DVR-6104)

Here is a list of the DVR models that the app works with: The latest Android app version supports remote audio surveillance.

P2P and QR code scan. Entry Descriptions Name Any characters that you like to identify this device. Your last sessions will be recorded and opened automatically in. One window display on the Live view. Users can view their surveillance cameras in 1, 4, 9, and 16 camera views.

There is a drop down menu to select which channel of audio the user wants to hear. Then you will go to the below rvr.

HD DVR HLX | Aarohi

And at the bottom of this window, you can delete the device by click the red button After revise, please tap in the upper right corner. To start a live video, tap the Device icon, then tap the 61044 you want. Multiple slow and rapid play speeds, manual and single-frame play modes, and support positioning the time by driving the sliding bar.


Default mode, the auto-session-recording is disabled.

HD DVR GLX | Aarohi

Hik-Connect is a video surveillance software. Manual recording, motion detection recording, normal recording and alarm recording. Users can also playback recorded audio surveillance in the app using the search and playback feature. If you want to use another account, you have to remove it from the other account first.

Tapyou will 610 the device list that have snapshot.

Regarding the IP cameras it is usually around 6 present access, and for the recorders approximately at the same time. Add a new device.

These limits are approximate and valid for many models. Did not upload Total Stuff: