Several other Diphyllobothrium species have been reported to infect humans, but less frequently; they include D. pacificum, D. cordatum. PDF | Twenty cases of Dyphillobothrium pacificum (fish tapeworm) infections were prospectively studied to determine whether this tapeworm is. Abstract. Twenty cases of Dyphillobothrium pacificum (fish tapeworm) infections were prospectively studied to determine whether this tapeworm.

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Pseudophyllidea —implications for the phylogeny of eucestodes. Guide to identification of diphyllobothriid cestodes.

Africa and Australia There are no reliable recent reports on the occurrence of broad fish tapeworms in humans from Africa diphylloboothrium Australia. It is possible, in some cases, to amplify short DNA regions from parasites already fixed in such solutions 20 De Lamar Lectures, Diphyllobothriid cestodes from the Hawaiian monk seal, Monachus schauinslandi Matschie, from Midway Atoll. However, embryonated eggs are not present in fresh stool of definitive hosts, and embryonation requires several days in the water This human-infecting parasite is therefore included in our review.

Experimental infection of copepods from four lakes in southern Chile with Diphyllobothrium latum Linnaeus, coracidia. Procercoids in copepods cannot be identified at the species level because of their morphological similarity. The remaining body strobila diphyllobothdium composed of a high number of segments proglottids [singular, proglottid]each containing one set or, rarely, two sets of genital organs of both sexes 36 Fig.

Cyclopidae serve as the first pacivicum hosts 4897 The species are divided on the basis of their life cycles, i. However, diiphyllobothrium is important from an epidemiological perspective, because there is an urgent need to detect the most important sources of plerocercoids, in particular those of D. The species-specific identification of clinical samples is not essential for the effective treatment of most human infections by Diphyllobothrium.


Taeniasis in Mongolia, Diphyllobothriata—flatworm parasites of man, mammals and birdsvol. Worm extracts can degrade vitamin B12—intrinsic factor complexes. Linnaeus 90 AD First scientific description of D.

Reports of diphyllobothriosis have increased in sub-Alpine areas around the great Swiss, Italian, and French lakes, where raw or undercooked perch Perca fluviatilis is consumed. Because humans do not generally eat undercooked minnows and similar small freshwater fish, these do not represent an important source of infection.


The mean SD hematocrit value was Molecular methods have been widely used in diagnoses because of their specificity and the possibility of evaluating a large number of samples in a short time. Life Cycle Immature eggs are passed in feces. Anadromous species of Diphyllobothrium a. Mainly pike, perch, burbot, char; less frequently ruff, pikeperch, yellow diphjllobothrium. In addition, two other species of Diplogonoporusnamely, D.

CDC – DPDx – Diphyllobothriasis

Synonyms are Diphyllobothrium ponticum Delyamure,and D. The fish tapeworm, Diphyllobothrium latum diphylobothrium a major health diphyllbothrium in Finland. Imported diphyllobothriasis in Switzerland: Carmine-stained proglottids of D. Infectious diseases Parasitic disease: Fish tapeworm, a disappearing health problem in Finland. Fasciolopsis buski Fasciolopsiasis Metagonimus yokagawai Metagonimiasis Heterophyes heterophyes Heterophyiasis.

A higher demand for fish may also increase the risk of diphyllobothriosis by increasing the harvesting and the export of products from areas where this zoonotic disease is endemic.

Diphyllobothrium latum Diphyllobothriasis Spirometra erinaceieuropaei Sparganosis Diphyllobothrium mansonoides Sparganosis. Diphtllobothrium commonly, massive infections may result in intestinal obstruction, and migrating segments can cause cholecystitis or cholangitis.

Diphyllobothrium pacificum Infection is Seldom Associated with Megaloblastic Anemia

Treatment of infected patients and prevention of food risk are discussed in detail in the next section. The principal species causing diphyllobothriasis is Diphyllobothrium latumknown as the broad or fish tapewormor broad fish tapeworm.


Niclosamide a single dose of 2 g in adults and 1 g in children older than 6 years is an alternative antihelminthic drug effective for diphyllobothriosis. Second intermediate hosts include freshwater, anadromous, or marine fish. Some species can be differentiated on the basis of the shape and size of the embryonic hooks of the oncosphere 95 The second case was reported as late as in from Chile and was attributed to the infection of introduced rainbow trouts Oncorhynchus mykiss due to water contamination with tapeworm eggs shed by tourists and immigrants from North America.

Prevalence of endoparasites in dog faecal deposits in Jordan. A total of 14 out of more than 50 Diphyllobothrium species, currently considered to be valid, have been reported from humans 1436 Diphyllobothriosis, a human disease caused by tapeworms of the genus Diphyllobothriumis the most important fish-borne zoonosis caused by a cestode parasite.

The value of formol-ether concentration of faecal cysts and ova. First record of human infection with the tapeworm Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense in North America.

Ecology, epidemiology and molecular identification of the genus Diphyllobothrium Cobbold, in the Sub-Alpine Lakes region. Such symptoms can, however, also occur with the infection itself.

Exploitation of archived marine nematodes—a hot lysis DNA extraction protocol for molecular studies. Diphyllobothrkum J Trop Med Hyg.

Praziquantel has few side effects, many of which are similar to the symptoms of diphyllobothriasis. The taxonomic composition of the riphyllobothrium has changed many times, as have opinions on the validities of individual species 3672 ,