The Tzimisce are a clan of scholars and flesh-shapers. Contents[show] Overview If one were to described a Tzimisce as inhuman and sadistic, it would probably. Clan Tzimisce is a major villainous bloodline in the White Wolf Studio RPG Vampire: The Masquerade and its larger franchise, “The World Of Darkness”. One of. The Tzimisce are the most overtly monstrous and least pronounceable clan in Vampire: The Masquerade (Unless you are Greek, it’s the name.

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Determinedly individualistic and fiercely territorial by nature, to this day many Tzimisce claim a dominion as their forebears did and rarely ever leave except on official business – a habit exacerbated by their Clan weakness.

So with Willpower alone, August Giovanni tzimiisce capable of changing the in-clan discipline that comes naturally within his bloodline.


Tonight, however, during the reign of Victoria and at the height of the British Empire, it is truly a time taimisce revelry for the Clab. Though they do not possess the power of Vicissitude except in especially rare casesthe Warlocks unknowingly harbor the same shards of the Eldest’s soul that the Tzimisce do. Now the Tzimisce serve the Sabbat as scholars, advisors and priests. Nothing that need concern you, sweet guest! They have Dominate in-clan, not Koldunism, you know.

Thus, he ensured himself a foothold tzmisce the tximisce and bodies of every single member of the newly-formed Tziimsce Clan – the latest yzimisce on his road towards Azhi Dahaka. Meanwhile the Old Clan Tzimisce seem to be ok with Kupala and Koldunism, but dislike Vicissitude that’s not the alien virus some of their crazy brethren claim but the instead the tool of said Antediluvianwhile members of a sect that really like the Antediluvian. Interests As mentioned in the discussion of domain, most Tzimisce pursue the acquisition of their own territories with vigor.

In the end, the Tremere were able to turn the tide by finally mastering their new magical Discipline of Thaumaturgy: Part of this principle stems from the fact that the Fiends must rest in their native soil by day. Etrius offers a solution: Here, the Tzimisce Antediluvian does not reveal his hand until much later in the story, ultimately emerging as the true villain of Gehenna.

When the waters finally receded, the Clan soon found itself at war with the other vampire Clans seeking new dominions throughout the area, most prominently the Nosferatu; having grown intensely territorial by now, the Tzimisce were enraged claan the lack of respect shown their dominion, and took to making hideous examples of any intruding Kindred Wealthy and depraved, the family’s inclination towards hedonism has given them connections throughout the darker regions of the mortal world, and these allow the Tzimisce a means of twisting events can their favor should the “legitimate” influence of the Grimaldi fail.


Most were created rashly; as such, few are of any use save as objects of study. Ravnos used Animalism to make his Clan eat each other into a minor bloodline in a few nights. Many Tzimisce are reserved and perspicacious beings, clsn far cry from the howling war packs that compose much of the Sabbat. It’s most likely a discipline first developed by the Tzimisce Antediluvian. Although descended from a background of nobility, the typical Sabbat Fiend is unconcerned with petty social interplay; thus, Social Attributes with the notable exception of Appearance are rarely primary.

Stranger still; they lcan participate in Sabbat ritae they believe “koldun”. At first, it seemed as though the Fiends had the advantage, for not only did they possess greater experience in the use of their Disciplines but also held vast stables of ghouls to act in their stead: A strong part of the Sabbat, the Fiends are the faction’s scholars and spiritual leaders.

With such successes accorded to the rebels, it wasn’t long before tzimksce Tzimisce followed suit. Because the eternal youth of House Tremere’s upper echelons was owed to potions that would be ineffectual without magic, the mages were immediately consumed by fear of aging and death. As time goes on, players cannot help but notice the effects of this terraforming program, nor can they fail to notice the fact that the Eldest is clearly spying on them through these same chimera.

Vicissitude still exists as the Koldunic Way of Flesh, but it’s much rarer since you have to be a Koldun to know it. As with all Clans, the Tzimisce possess three vampiric Disciplines: This penalty remains until she rests for a full day amid her earth once more. A tzimisce is equally as likely – more so, in fact – to have more concerns in the city than in the tzimise castle.

Fascinated, the Tzimisce encouraged the inbreeding of these families, eager to see what would emerge. As a result, the population of both the Tremere and Tzimisce Clans plummet, forcing the survivors to devise rituals that can allow them to resist the summoning. Unfortunately, they commonly suffer from obsessive tendencies and tend to become dangerously fixated with their topic of research, often to the exclusion of all other concerns.

Tzimixce Masquerade canonically ends with the gamebook Tzimiscce, in which the prophesied vampire apocalypse finally begins, awakening the Antediluvians and bringing the world as the player characters know it to an end. Once their Creation Rites are complete, Childer are taught to abandon their humanity in favor of a Path of Enlightenment, the most popular of which is the Path of Metamorphosis.


The Curse of Caine finally comes to an end, with vampires throughout the world either disintegrating, dying of old age, or simply becoming human again. If anyone should be comfortable worshipping an Ante it should be the Old Clan, since some of them might tzimissce even dealed with Tzimisce before his disappearance like Yorak and tsimisce Dracon both did.

And still the others bleat about their “humanity.

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Thousands of human lives have been taken by my hands. Unable to rejoin society because of their deformities, they are reduced to haunting the boundaries of civilization in search of prey, becoming the tzimiscee for many ghost stories and clwn legends in the process.

When Tzimisce begged forgiveness Caine told him of the path to Metamorphosis as a way to transcend his curse with the right devotion. They place little value on the lives and unlives of others.

The “lands beyond the forest” mean not just Transylvania, but all of the “uncivilized” world, where peasants still toil and lords still rule. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page.

Now making final preparations before his ultimate ascension, claan Tzimisce Antediluvian called upon Lambach to join him, promising him an eternity as part of his godlike being. However, the strictly hierarchical Tremere also remain absent from the tizmisce tables: Maybe Janek simply is in the “Koldunsim spreads the influence of the wicked spirit Kupala”-camp, while other most even OCT takes the opposite approach.

The elders ignored them. The first of the Antediluvians to rise is the Eldest.

Any Storyteller can do what they like with the material, I for one isn’t that fond of everyone-is-Vicissitude-is-Tzimisce, but there is really more to that story than one in-character opinion. The ensuing brawl lasts two full nights, mostly underground, with the Eldest having taken the form of a living, breathing mountain, and Kupala in the form of a nightmarish dragon in mimicry of the Tzimisce Clan’s symbol: However, the Eldest had been a mage and oracle in his mortal days, and though his vampiric nature gradually dulled his gifts, he still possessed sufficient power to divine the future: Armed with Auspex, Obfuscate and Vicissitude, they possess the insight and malleability so appreciated by their Tzimisce masters, along with the power to hide themselves from those who would not understand their research.