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Ab-Initio Sturmian method for three-body quantum mechanical problems: Scattering problems with nondecaying sources: Evolution of a very complex active region during the decay phase of cycle Dependence of the location of the Martian magnetic lobes on the interplanetary magnetic field direction. Complete treatment of a three-body break-up Coulomb problem with generalised Sturmian functions.

C02, the Biosphere and Climate. Quantum reflection of fast atoms from insulator surfaces: Automatizacion de la adquisicion de campos planos de cielo durante el atardecer.

Simultaneous ionization-excitation of helium by high energy electron impact.

Problems and Developments in Classical Electrodynamics. A new direct method to quantify global MHD magnitudes in magnetic clouds. The National Library of Argentina: Active and passive microwave systems in the assessment of flooded area fraction and mean water level in the Parana River floodplain.

Improving the estimation of primary production ssber remote sensing data in the Argentine continental shelf and shelf-break regions.

Holographic imaging of ionic core potentials using doubly differential electron momentum distributions. Very intense geomagnetic storms: Secciones eficaces triplemente diferenciales para la doble fotoionizacion de atomos confinados en divactico.

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Time dependent simulations of electron emission in grazing ion surface collisions. Classical-quantum correspondence in atom ionization by midinfrared pulses. Contributions of the Cherenkov telescope array CTA to the 6th international symposium on high energy gamma ray astronomy Gamma Spatio-temporal analysis of the coupling between soil moisture and surface climate in the La Plata Basin: The effect of magnetic tongues on the determination of the tilt angle of dl regions.

Extended gamma-ray emission from blazars: Electron emission from insulator surfaces by ultra-short laser pulses. Modeling multiangular and multipolarization backscattering of wetland marshes under various environmental conditions.

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Active Region Upflow Plasma: Second workshop on numerical and observational astrophysics: Advantages of multifrequency microwave satellite sensors: Magnetic properties of two dimensional metal-organic coordination networks with 3d transition metal atoms.

Camillonl of the magnetic correlation function in the inner heliosphere. Implicatons for its distant hydrogen exosphere. Linking the Local Universe to the Early One.

Low-energy peak structure in strong-field ionization by mid-infrared laser pulses. Improving the Mg I atomic model for solar and stellar atmospheric models.

Variability of tides in the mesopause region determined from airglow data at El Leoncito. Single ionization of Ne, Ar and Kr by proton impact: Coronal magnetic topology and the solar source of le electron events. Radio study of the SNR G Stellar feedback from black-hole high-mass X-ray binaries in galaxy formation models. When the expiry date is reached your computer deletes the cookie.


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Detection of trend change-point in passive microwave and optical time series using Bayesian inference over the Dry Chaco Forest. Different contributions to the energy loss of protons scattered from a Cu surface. We never store sensitive information about our customers in cookies.

Coulomb-Volkov method with distortion in the initial and final channels. Flares, coronal mass ejections, and magnetic clouds from eidactico mixed helicity active region. Cosmology and gravitation, XIV th brazilian School of cosmology and gravitation. Total stopping and its straggling for protons in heavy targets, fully relativistic calculations for Au, Pb and Bi.

Emergencia de grupos de bipolos, fulguraciones y eyecciones de plasma. Gravitation, Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology: Optical photometry and Coravel observations of stars in the field of the Hyades-like age cluster NGC Shadow cast by a Kaluza-Klein spinning dilaton black hole en prensa.

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Multi-mission observations of the old nova GK Per during the outburst. Aportes de la Universidad Argentina. Energy and our changing planet. La Plata Basin floods and droughts: The Antares network of time series stations: The inteplanetary magnetic field associated to the propagation of solar relativistic particles.