BREVINI POWER TRASMISSION Brevini’s industrial planetary gearboxes come in a range of sizes to ensure optimum duration and silent Catalogue. ×. Speed increaser gearbox with through-shaft for pumps GR.2/3 . The technical features supplied in this catalogue are non binding and no legal action can be. brevini catalogues, brevini gearboxes, brevini sellers, brevini distributors. BREVINI POWER TRASMISSION Planetary gear units flange mounted. Complete.

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Brevini catalogues pdf version. Max output torque up to kNm. The mixer drives combine the traditional advantages of Brevini’s planetary technology – compactness and high efficiency – with the characteristics of strength and reliability. This range of gearboxes has high strength structure, short overall length, very high radial and axial load capability.

The wide range of ratios available makes it possible to adapt the reduction unit to the most suitable hydraulic transmission. The provision for foot mounting means that cataloghe range is particularly suitable for industrial applications. Tecnica Industriale Srl S. Max output torque up to 5 Nm.

Simple mounting, operating reliability and versatility make these units suitable for the most severe duties and environments. Brevini planetary gear units, with rotating outer casing, are designed to be fitted into the winch drum: Other gearboxes In specific sectors and applications, where it is necessary to provide innovative and versatile solutions to power transmission problems, Brevini’s modular planetary gearboxes are the right choice: They are based upon a flexible modular system and are available with either male or female output shaft configurations.


Complete catalogue Installation and maintenance manual Max output torque up to 5 Nm Installation and maintenance manual gearmotors for slewing drives. The female configuration is used to transmit purely torque and is employed where space is limited.

Industrial Planetary Gearboxes – BPT

Due to the high torque rating and the quality of the materials, these units are the best solution in heavy duty applications. A design which integrates mounting feet into the gearbox housing means that Brevini’s range of in-line and right angle gearboxes offer advantages in terms of high levels of operating stiffness and rigidity.

Alternatively, a male input shaft configuration may be used with connection effected by a flexible coupling or pulley. With its many output versions, numerous input possibilities and all the accessories supplied, the “S Series” extends the application possibilities of Brevini epicyclic gear units to all industrial sectors: Compact planetary wheel drives, designed for a wide range of self propelled vehicles with hydraulic transmission and individually motorised wheel cata,ogue.

Complete catalogue Planetary gear units shaft mounted FP series. Ksb pumps and valves.

Planetary gear units flange mounted. Complete catalogue Guidelines for selection of gearboxes Installation and maintenance manual gear units industrial applications and slewing drives Atex Gearboxes Catalogue Installation and maintenance manual ATEX gearboxes.

Planetary gear units foot mounted. Send us an email info tecnicaindustriale.

Flange Mounted and Atex: Thanks to the caterpillar seals, all units are protected against adverse environments and can be treated against sea corrosion with an epoxy paint coating. The main characteristics of this new Brevini Riduttori range are: Pump drives The Brevini pump drive gear units can drive up to 5 pumps from a single prime mover: Input and output configurations, brakes, lubrication.


In applications where it is necessary to ensure proper alignment between a gearbox and a driven shaft, Brevini’s in-line and right angle shaft mounted planetary gearboxes provide the ideal solution. Max output torque up to 65 kNm.

S-Series Planetary Gearboxes

Installation and maintenance manual ATEX gearboxes. Flange Mounted and Atex. Installation and maintenance manual gearmotors for slewing drives.

Installation and maintenance manual. The application range of these new Brevini Power Transmission gear units includes a variety of ratios — from 1: Mixer Gears Brevini’s range of planetray drives are planetary gear units modified to meet the operating requirements of water conditioners and of mixers in chemical, ceramic and paper producing industries.

The versatility of this range of Brevini products is assured by a wide choice of braking systems drum brakes, negative acting multiple disc, failsafe parking brake. Guidelines for selection of gearboxes. Planetary gear units shaft mounted.

Installation and maintenance manual gear units for track drives. The male configuration cylindrical or splined is used where side or axial loads are acting upon the output shaft.