High performance motor oil using Aral-Synth-Technology. Aral High Tronic M 5W is suitable for use in automotive gasoline and diesel engines. It is approved. Aral SuperTronic G SAE 0W Aral SuperTronic LongLife II. SAE 0W Aral SuperTronic B SAE 5W Aral Tronic SAE 5W Aral HighTronic F SAE. Aral HighTronic 5W High performance engine oil. Description. High performance engine oil with Aral Synthetic Technology for demanding driving conditions.

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Aral Motoröl Tronic 431 5w-40

It doesn’t matter what an oil marketer is willing to call a synthetic or syn blend. The following oils are approved to that specification: Send a private message to 10then Find More Posts by OilGuy. Posted 12 October, Originally Araal by lwg Again with the list that’s over 1 year old Find More Posts by scooperhsd.

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Galvatech Shop, , Tronic 5W40 – L

My car is a VW because it says so right on the car and in the car etc, call up VW and try to get tronlc letter from them stating that my car is a VW, kind of stupid isn’t it? This does not mean they wouldn’t pass the spec.


Send a private message to OilGuy. Already have an account? Find More Posts by cujet.

Galvatech Shop, , Tronic 5W40 – 3x4L

Last edited by 10then34; May 29th, at My question is, if I don’t know what grade of oil my mechanic uses, am I okay to just to it up with the usual recommendation of 5w30? There is truly no reason to avoid a Group III oil for any application here.

Page 2 of Please provide links to said oils. You aaral adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we’ll assume you’re okay to continue.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Find More Posts by 5w-0. Put anything you’ve got in it to get it showing on the dipstick, anything is better than driving it even another mile with nothing in it. This is where someone running a non-certified oil could get hung out to dry.

Northern Virginia TDI s: May 29th, Gone, but not forgotten. So is this something to use in my PD even though it 5w-04 not a full synthetic Thanks! We have a comprehensive Privacy Policy.


Florida, Hurricane central TDI s: It is quite out of date and there are many more choices available now that will not void your warranty. Last edited by OilGuy; May 29th, at All times are GMT What if he’d used 10w40 and I put the former in? Again with the list that’s over 1 year old North Dakota TDI s: My point is, it is not the “be all, end all” list of oils. Amsoil does not say their oil is