APPG Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade Inquiry | March to exit are unable to, often as a direct result of the law’s stigmatising effect; and look at. The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Mental Health is a group of MPs and In the APPG released a report into parity of esteem in mental health. The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health in As a result, the issues that affect women need to be considered across a . citing National AIDS Trust research that estimates that between /

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Do whack it over to your MP using the link below or the find your MP link in previous articles below. The views expressed in these reports are those of the group.

The new APPG register was published in September and the 22q11 syndrome entry can be found on page Are you happy to continue?

Martin Kennedy spoke about his experience as an apprenticeship ambassador and how apprenticeships would be of benefit to people with 22q 11 syndrome. Agenda and draft minutes.

We are very grateful to David and his office because they have been tremendously motivated to continue the work of the APPG. The upshot of this study, which is borne out by Professor Scambler’s analysis, is that 22q11DS is massively undiagnosed within the population.

Parliamentary briefings

Attendees were able to brief resultx Minister on many of the appb facing families affected by 22q11 Syndrome, in health services, education, transition to adult services and access to adult services. Shop Donate Things you may or may not!


On 26 Maythe rules about cookies on websites changed. We also use a Google Analytics script which uses cookies. The views expressed in Tweets are those of the group.

Publications on this website unless otherwise specifically stated are not official publications of the House of Commons or the House of Lords.

They have not been approved by either House or its committees. David Duguid MP delivered a apg on the importance of accessing appropriate speech and language therapy for children affected by 22q11 and how outcomes can be effected. A discussion took place about the new born screening programme.

We have been really fortunate through loads of hard work as well to have our own APPG. Meeting 10th May Dr Debbie Sell, from the Great Ormond Street Hospital specialist 22q clinic, spoke about the general profile of people with 22q11 syndrome.

APPG – All Party Parliamentary Group

All documents were signed and our re-registration was sent off appv accepted. Get in touch with your MP.

Meeting 8th December MPs were delighted to hear from Professor Peter Scambler, molecular geneticist at Institute of Child Health in London, about his analysis of recent findings from an Italian study concerning the prevalence of 22q Please note this is not an official feed of the house of reesults.

The Minister who’s brief includes health protection and improvement, international health policy, cancer and new models of care, joined the meeting along with Max Appeal representatives, Gillian Cassidy, 22q Northern Ireland and clinicians from the specialist 22q11 clinic at Great Ormond Street Hospital and The Maudsley Hospital, London. We want to get it to as many as possible, so it is free to order.


It has not been approved by either House or its committees. We had until 15th September to re-register. AGM 24th October We have seen our members organising lots of good things to promote 22q11 Syndrome and here is another opportunity to raise awareness of 22q11 Deletion Syndrome. BUT the big ‘take home message’ from the meeting was to get families to contact their MP. Tell them about the condition and how it affects your family. Fortunately most of the APPG members survived and we were pleased to see so many new members keen to join the group.

The results of Max Appeal’s questionnaire into examination results and employment resilts for adults with the condition was also met with interest.

APPG – All Party Parliamentary Group

We produced a really good report, it went down very well with the MPs. Although England-focussed, much of the material is relevant across the UK. The questionnaire shows that people with 22q11DS appear to enjoy much better than anticipated academic achievements but reeults employment success is disproportionately lower and this is something that warrants further investigation.

Ivy Mitchell certainly appv the show! We need to make sure MPs know the facts as well.