دراسة في طبيعة المجتمع العراقي A Study of the Nature of Iraqi Society. by علي الوردي Ali al Wardi · Paperback. $$ In stock on August 28, Books shelved as ali-alwardi: خوارق اللاشعور by علي الوردي, شخصية الفرد العراقي by علي الوردي, مهزلة العقل البشري by علي الوردي, منطق ابن خلدون by علي ال. Ali al-Wardi is the author of Social Glimpses of Modern Iraqi History ( avg rating, 4 ratings, 0 reviews, published ) Ali al-Wardi’s books. Ali al-Wardi.

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Not only does it invent the weapons with which to kill its enemies, it provides the excuses and rationales that justify killing them. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Furthermore, although philosophers agree that the mind is what distinguishes Man from the animals, they disagree about its identification and limitations.

Al-Wardi criticizes and highlights the shortcomings of rationalism in all his writings, which he believed did not conform to modern scientific theories. He believed that the human mind, due to the environment, values, traditions, beliefs and interests that Man grows up with, is rather biased by nature, and these factors influence his thinking.

Ibn Tufail believed that the human mind grows in tandem with the body until it matures, just like Ibn Yaqdhan, who managed to think and deduce, through pure thought, the same truths that some great thinkers had deduced before him. Al-Wardi saw that the paradox lay in the outcome being precisely the opposite of what the preachers hoped to achieve, i.

All Formats Paperback Sort by: The mind absorbs only part of the external reality, then adds to itself another part to complete the picture in accordance with how the mind imagines that picture to be. Rather, he castigates the religious clergy who, through dressing up in religious garb, instrumentalize religion as a tool for their own ends.

This allowed him to free himself of Aristotelian shackles, and to embark on a new path that helped him understand social life as it really was. He underlined the fact that the logic followed by Ibn Khaldoun had an influence on his theory, as did the intellectual and non-intellectual factors that helped him formulate his theory on human civilization and sociology.

If a human being is born and raised among the animals he becomes an animal like them. He worked as Professor at the Universities of Baghdad and of Algiers and published many books and essays on Ali Al-Wardi and various philosophical and social issues in Arabic and in German. Separating motives from self-consciousness, in particular, allows for the radical expansion of the scope of explanations based on motives.

This is when it realizes that there are ideas, values and concepts different to those it invented. He also levelled criticism at the upper classes.


Al-Wardi compares the unconscious power that constrains the mind to the atmospheric pressure whose considerable weight we bear, without our being aware of it, except if we move to a location with a different atmospheric pressure. He grew up defying his family’s strict no-modern-education policy, where bkoks father wanted him to vooks a craft instead of reading books.

Most wars and conflicts among people are an outcome of the mental framework that restricts the human mind and keeps it captive. The ancient philosophers believed that Man was rational and free-thinking and followed the path of his choice, through relying on awardi old logic and on pure thought.

Therefore, we should, like Jurgen Habermas said, turn our attention to the critical communicative mind that forged human civilization, because the world we live in is not such a sham.

This mental framework is drawn from society that imposes on the human being a specific set of social and cultural rules and values; if anyone violates these rules and values, feelings of aggression are generated because of the deeply embedded believe that truth and justice is on its side. The opposite has happened, however; the main role and function of the mind has become an attempt to find the means boks serve the ends of each individual, at a given moment in time.

The logic pursued by the old philosophers was deficient in two ways: The disasters that plagued the 20th century, including the two world wars, civil wars, qlwardi and environmental disasters are but a result of this irrational control over the world. Born in KadhimiyaBaghdad into a aleardi and a very traditional family.

Although his peers did not understand him at the time, he tried to dismantle Aristotelian logic and build a new one, based on changing social realities. The mind is limited by the extent of the things it is familiar with, and it boks difficult for it to understand another world made up of concepts bookw fundamentally differ from the world as we perceive it. For example, when we explain a dream or make a slip of the tongue, we usually fail to understand the motive or motives behind it.

Al-Wardi connects the mind with the unconscious, both positively and negatively.

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The fundamental changes brought about by modernity, such as freedom, progress and rationalism, which gave rise to freedom of thinking, self-expression and civil society, emanate from the belief that human beings and the human mind — the maker of history and its object at the same time — are the source of its excellence and uniqueness. All things have reasonable causes, though philosophers here have a disagreement. In fact, he wrote, Man first believes in the doctrine he inherits from his forefathers, and only later does he begin to rethink it.

The illusion of inherited perfection is obstructive to the human mind. Rather than a natural gift, personality is an acquired, particularly human characteristic, which Man inherits from his fathers and forefathers. Provide feedback about this page. He later was appointed as booka teacher in many elementary and high schools across Iraq, before winning a scholarship to the American University of Beirut alsardi he received his Bachelor’s degree in His ultimate aim was to allow Iraqi citizens access to these ideas with the aim of creating new intellectual spaces capable of accommodating modern scientific and sociological theories and, furthermore, to continue to interact with them and embrace all that is innovative, creative and productive.


Your email address will not be published. Most often, his thoughts revolve around endorsing this doctrine, and it is rare that an individual changes his beliefs based on pure thought alone. This theory demolished the logical principle that classified people into two opposing types; one good with no inherit evil, and the other bad with no inherit good.

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Other factors no doubt compel him to change Al-Haidari— English Choose a language for shopping. Al-Wardi said that this mental framework is not understood, and the reason why there is resistance to any new trend; there qli initial resistance, but then ultimately this gives way to submission. The old logic therefore applies neither to the past nor to the present era.

Lawardi Popularity Featured Price: Despite the many criticisms directed at his enlightening ideas, he managed to obstinately forge ahead and bring about a total break with the old ways of thinking and worn-out social habits, traditions and conventions, in an attempt to develop slwardi new mentality, based on a modern scientific logic in place of the old descriptive one. For Al-Wardi, the old misguided logic, based on the premise that Alk adopts his beliefs through his own free will, and reaches his decision through thought and vision, is a mistake that often leads to injustice, and it is unfair, for this reason, to punish people for beliefs instilled in them during their social upbringing.

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Popular Ali Alwardi Books

Often, however, the explanation is incomplete and does not account for all the ensuing actions; the reason is the involvement of an unconscious process driven by the motives that work unconsciously within us, without us being aware of them.

He believed that the human mind is distinctive by nature. The mind thinks within the confines of a number of parameters and information that the individual learns in society, which is why Man is unable to ascertain the major realities of the universe.