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The device starts at level 1. Place the belt with the small stimulation pad approximately 4 cm over your knee joint to stimulate the primary and knee muscles. Petit anlejtung de stimulation 4. Do not use any chemicals to clean the silicone electrodes. Use water-based gels anleiyung a contact medium between the silicone electrodes an,eitung your skin. Risque d’asphyxie avec les films et sachets. Kontaktieren Sie ansonsten den Kundenservice. The silicone electrodes are not in contact with your skin.

We also recommend a maximum workout duration of no more than 30 minutes per muscle group and day for advanced users.

Greife lieber zu mineralwasser, leitungswasser oder apfelschorlen. We recommend limiting use to no more than 3 workouts per day with at least a 4-hour break between workouts.

Any other use is deemed improper. Only use the battery type specified in the technical data. The manufacturer and importer assume no liability in the event the data in these instructions has not been observed! Shift the pads until you have found a position where you notice the strongest muscle contraction.


AB Maxx Pro II Manuals

Ab maxx pro the abmaxx pro for maximum muscle training for women and men. Halten Sie Kinder und Tiere vom Verpackungsmaterial fern. Place the belt with the large stimulation pad on your lower abdominal area to stimulate your lower abdominal oro. Turn on and increase intensity. If this file was helpful.

For best results, you will need to apply a gel as a contact medium between your skin and the silicone electrodes. There should be at least a 4-hour break between each use. Main page Brands Categories Search. Vorbereitung zur Benutzung des kleinen Stimulationskissens 1.

Das Gel dient als Kontaktmedium zwischen Haut und Elektrode. Danger Associated with Batteries Before inserting the batteries, check whether the contacts in the device and on the battery are clean and if necessary, clean them. The best position is an area where you notice the strongest contractions.

AB MAXX PRO II others download manual for free now – 3B95D |

Sac de rangement 2. Alternating routine with several fast pulses. You must remain awake when using the unit. Befestigen Sie einen der beiden Feststellgurte mit dem Klettverschluss am kleinen Stimulationskissen.

Device-specific safety notes Only use accessories included in the product contents or exclusively those recommended by the manufacturer.

Based on the position and colour of the programme display lights, you will see which programme you have selected see section “Programme overview”. Remove the control unit from the stimulation pad before cleaning. Only use the product as indicated in the operating instructions and in the body regions anlleitung in this manual. Abmaxd not use any softeners, alcohol or sprays containing aerosols to clean the article. Reinigen Sie die Kontakte, bevor Sie eine neue Batterie einlegen.


Adjusting belt for the small stimulation pad 2x 3. Stimulieren Sie jede Muskelgruppe maximal 30 Minuten am Tag. The skin is too dry. Turns off if the battery is too weak. Slide the removable large stimulation pad onto the belt. Close the battery compartment. A high number of fast muscle contractions. Beginners should stimulate each muscle group for no more than 10 minutes per day! When the batteries are low, the battery light will turn off.

Otherwise contact our customer service see section “Customer service”. Immediately remove a leaked battery from the device.

For more information, please contact your local authority. Entfernen Sie vor der Reinigung die Bedieneinheit vom Stimulationskissen. Regularly clean the silicone electrodes that come into contact with your skin with a damp cloth to prevent leftover gel or residues etc.